• Welcome to
    drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust
  • Welcome to
    drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust
The drb Ignite Trust has been established through a shared belief that lives can be transformed by what goes on in schools. We work together as a unique family of primary schools with one aim: 'To ensure all pupils achieve the highest standard of educational outcomes regardless of circumstance or background'.

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As a Trust we share values that are critical to our vision and approach. They articulate how we work together:

Making our vision happen - to make our vision happen and to sustain effective performance across our schools we keep our growth plans simple:

Local solutions - we want our schools to reflect the diversity of their local context, taking decisions in accordance with the needs of the children and families they serve.

School improvement offer - the Trust has access to the wider school improvement services through the Severn Teaching School Alliance. We also encourage our schools to seek out the most appropriate support to secure improvement. In the first phase of our development we have committed to working only with primary schools as our strengths are in primary practice.

Cross Trust Collaboration - we also encourage leaders and teachers to play an active role in securing standards beyond their own school by working alongside others, modelling effective practice and coaching/mentoring.

 drb Ignite Trust Values

Continuous Professional Development - we believe the professional capacity and capability of our leaders and teachers is central to effective teaching and learning. We make the most of our internal expertise, building on strengths and ensuring professional development meets needs, inspires growth and impacts on pupil progress and standards.

Research and evidence informed practice - we want to create an outward facing Trust that actively seeks out opportunities to work with other schools and trusts to learn more about what makes a difference. We want our schools to bring together reflection and action, theory and practice in the pursuit of the best teaching and learning.

Geographical focus and reach - we aim to establish a family of primary schools in the West Midlands. We want these to be close enough to be able to share easily, travel between each other in the space of lunch-time and collaborate with the minimum of fuss.

 drb Ignite Trust Vision and Indicators of Success

pupil experience

  • A Trust that places children at the heart of its endeavour
  • A Trust that offers a rich pupil experience understanding social diversity, cultural relevance and a global perspective
  • A Trust of choice by parents from a wide range of backgrounds
  • A Trust committed to supporting pupils, expanding horizons and unlocking potentials

Indicators of success

  • Pupil enjoyment of learning
  • Pupil progress and achievements
  • Pupil health and wellbeing
  • Pupils develop as confident, responsible social and community citizens

in education

  • A Trust that achieves high standards marked by enquiry, discovery and partnership between pupils and teachers
  • A Trust with an inspiring, engaging and challenging curriculum, shaped by evidence of what works and real-world practice
  • A Trust with innovative and creative approaches to learning that harness the potential of technology
  • A Trust that understands the knowledge, skills and experiences required for life-long learning
  • A Trust that cultivates inclusive and accessible learning environments

Indicators of success

  • Pupils achieve outstanding outcomes
  • The curriculum is current and relevant
  • Pupils develop transferable skills, rigour of thought, resilience and a positive outlook
  • Pupils are engaged by the cutting edge learning experiences and opportunities
  • Learning environments are safe, welcoming and enticing


  • A Trust that supports teacher development and research excellence
  • A Trust that brings teachers together to work on and share effective pedagogy
  • A Trust with a strong recruitment, retention and succession planning strategy that recognises talent early
  • A Trust that disseminates the knowledge gained from its research both internally and externally
  • A Trust that places the quality of teaching above all else

Indicators of success

  • The Trust has a leading reputation and increases its profile and impact steadily over time
  • Teacher development is strongly embedded and leaves a tangible footprint in curriculum and teaching
  • The learning environment is vibrant and influenced by research
  • Teaching across the Trust is consistently good across all phases
  • Teachers enjoy their work and want to develop their pedagogical knowledge


  • A Trust with strong roots in the communities it serves
  • A Trust where innovation and enterprise feature strongly in partnership with business and enterprise
  • A Trust that enhances life, aspiration and prospects for children and families
  • A Trust that increasingly influences strategy, policy and debate with other Trusts and through links with professional bodies and organisations

Indicators of success

  • The Trust is a partner of choice for a wide range of organisations through its compelling work
  • The Trust understands the complexity behind achievement gaps and responds
  • The Trust's social engagement encourages active citizenship in both pupils and staff
  • The Trust works collaboratively with other Trusts
  • An outward-facing approach sustains a range of enhancing partnerships beyond the Trust

1. Leadership

  • We have consistently high expectations
  • We provide support for effective leadership
  • We take rigorous action where and when this is needed
 To Ensure
  • high standards of academic achievement
  • clear lines of communication that include the sharing of expectations and responsibilities openly and honestly
  • the effective use of problem solving methodology
  • a commitment to growing, developing and sharing expertise, ideas and staff within and across schools
  • an outward looking perspective
  • effective removal of barriers to learning and development
  • a clear understanding of the differing roles and responsibilities of leadership and management and additionally those of accountability and responsibility

2. Culture

  • Our values underpin all that we do
  • We strive to broaden the horizons of pupils so that they grow as informed, enquiring citizens
  • The curriculum meets the needs of pupils so that their personal, physical, spiritual, moral, social, cultural and economic development is well-promoted
 To Ensure
  • all individuals are able to work and learn safely in a climate of mutual respect
  • a rigorous and purposeful curriculum
  • a focus on opportunities for pupils to gain a broader perspective of the world through engaging with external providers locally, nationally and internationally
  • curriculum design supports pupils to become self-motivated and enjoy learning
  • recognition is given to a 'no one size' fits all approach with academy freedom and diversity encouraged
  • lean infrastructure processes focus on achieving impact rather than being weighted down by procedure and bureaucracy
  • pupils develop as active, curious world citizens with high aspirations, personally, physically, socially and economically
  • pupils develop life skills and knowledge to make the right choices, be safe and gain from every available learning opportunity

3. Service

  • We provide high quality, timely support
  • We enable leaders to focus on the right priorities
  • We encourage our schools to be different, so that they meet the needs of their families and local communities
 To Ensure

The highest standards of service to support schools in the effective and efficient delivery of school improvement, financial, personnel and resource planning responsibilities through bespoke:

  • continuing Professional Development
  • school improvement planning, support and review
  • procurement
  • project and programme management
  • HR, finance and health and safety expertise

Family of Schools

 Audley Primary School


×  Audley Primary School
Audley Primary School is an academy and part of the drb Ignite Trust, situated in Stechford - approximately five miles from Birmingham City Centre. We are currently in the process of expanding from 3 to 4 form entry. There are four classes in each year group and a 60 place part time Nursery.

Audley Road, Stechford, Birmingham
B33 9HY

Phone0121 464 3139

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 Beechwood CE Primary School


×  Beechwood CE Primary School
Beechwood CE Primary School is a place full of rich learning experiences and part of the drb Ignite Trust, where all learners are encouraged to be active learners, vibrant, happy, motivated and excited by learning.

Beechwood Road, Dudley

Phone01384 816715

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 Bromlye Pensnett Primary School


×  Bromlye Pensnett Primary School
The Bromley Pensnett Primary School is an inclusive school which is committed to raising standards for all of our pupils. We belong to a family of schools that belong to the drb Ignite Trust. As of October 1st 2016 there are eight primary schools that belong to this Academy group.

Bromley Pensnett, Brierley Hill, Dudley

Phone01384 816865

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 Hob Green Primary School


×  Hob Green Primary School
The Hob Green Primary School has a caring and positive atmosphere where purposeful learning takes place. We aim to provide a variety of learning opportunities that will excite, challenge and inspire our children who are independent, hardworking and confident.

Hob Green Road, Stourbridge

Phone01384 816730

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 Jervoise School


×  Jervoise School
The Jervoise School will provide an environment and ethos which will facilitate opportunities to encourage children's creative capacity in developing the necessary skills and overcoming cultural conditioning to become world citizens and developing their ability to be authentic, true to themselves, self aware, confident and honest.

Jervoise Road, Weoley Castle, Birmingham
B29 5QU

Phone0121 464 3233

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 The Oval School


×  The Oval School <
The Oval School is situated in Yardley, just off Bordesley Green East and Meadway. We have over 695 pupils on role and a further 78 part time pupils in nursery. We are a successful and constantly improving school. We are now a three form entry school, throughout.

Whittington Oval, Yardley, Birmingham
B33 8JG

Phone0121 464 3248

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 Princethorpe Infants


×  Princethorpe Infants
Princethorpe Infant School was built in 1932 and it serves the Weoley Castle area of the city. Children are aged 4 to 7 years and the yearly intake is 60 children. Each year band is divided into two classes, and the children move to another teacher each year.

Princethorpe Road, Weoley Castle, Birmingham
B29 5QB

Phone0121 475 2874

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 Wychall Primary School


×  Wychall Primary School
At Wychall Primary School we provide an active, meaningful curriculum that personally engages children. By harnessing children's interests and natural inquisitiveness children are well motivated and can see a clear purpose to their learning.

Middle Field Road, Northfield, Birmingham
B31 3EH

Phone0121 464 4255

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